Q1. “Why do your company charge for a service that I can do easily for free?”

A. It is true that anyone can successfully repair their credit for free. The problem that many people have is that they do not have the time to follow through on the process. Of course, no one should be “penalized” paying for a free service. That is why we offer free services, including a step by step guide, on how to repair

Q2. “I’ve dealt with other credit repair companies before. What makes your company different?”

A. Xander is different in several ways. First, we will never ask for payment up front, for this is against federal and state law. We will accept payment 3-5 days after the initial work is completed. Second, our credit repair approach is to educate our clients on what to do in during a credit crisis and how to avoid needing our services in the future. Not only are we striving to repair your credit, but we teach you how to pay off debt quickly and how to create an emergency savings account to limit credit usage in the future. Lastly, most credit repair companies make outrageous claims promising to fix your credit fast. Xander Credit Solutions will never make such claims, for each person’s situation is different, and no company can guarantee a quick repair. These are just some of the ways Xander is different.

Q3. “Are you certified?”

A. Xander Credit Solutions is a member of Credit Consultant Association (CCA). CCA’s mission is to represent and enhance the Credit Restoration Industry by providing training and certification for member advisors. CCA teaches their members how to run and operate a credit service business, improve credit scores by understanding FICO’s and other scores model optimization requirements.

Q4. “When do you accept payment?”

A. We accept payment 3-5 days after the initial work is completed. Included in the initial work process are consulting with the client, receiving your credit report, following up with the client to discuss the details of the credit report, and providing our comprehensive credit reporting analysis. Once you are delighted with the initial work, you will pay for our services.

Q5. “How are you helping the communities you are serving?”

A. At Xander Credit Solutions, our mission is to assist the citizens of our communities to reach financial stability through credit education, financial literacy, and community involvement. Sadly, there are too many companies that take advantage of the financially challenged communities. We are fighting back by hosting community education course on how to budget, how to cope with a credit crisis and other topics that are vital to the neighborhoods. We are also partnering with various financial institutions in the hope of providing other options and solutions to assist our credit challenged communities in need of credit.

Q6. “Do you help families that cannot afford your services?”

A. Absolutely! We help our prospective clients by providing free consultation, our Credit Repair Roadmap, and free method to obtain their credit report and score. If more assistance is needed, we offer one of the lowest in the industry. This is to ensure that everyone, despite financial status, can receive assistance. If our clients cannot afford to pay our fee at once, we do provide payment options that will fit into any budget.

Q7. “If I pay for your services, do you guarantee that I will get a high credit score?”

A. We ensure that we will do our utmost to repair your credit by ethnically adhering to state and federal law. It is illegal for any company to guarantee that your credit score will improve. Even if someone would repair his credit themselves, there are so many variables and factors that make it impossible to guarantee a high score. Xander Credit Solutions take a firm stand in adhering to state and federal law and will deny servicing any client that insists that we guarantee an increased credit score. For more information, please visit https://www.consumerfinance.gov/consumer-tools/credit-reports-and-scores/credit-repair-scam/

Q8. I live in another state, not Georgia. Can you help me?

A. Unfortunately, not at this time. We are only servicing Georgia residents only. This is due to each state having different rules and regulations for credit repair companies. We will update the site once we are offering our services in your state. Thank you for your patience and understanding.